Killarney Day Services

Kerry Parents & Friends Association’s Day Services are spread across Killarney Town, accessing the business community for work placements, the churches for volunteering, the education sector for training courses and the Gardaí for safety and civic duty. Training & Activation as well as Community Programmes in town operate these services so that opportunity and choice is afforded to all.  Many more opportunities exist that are not listed and the overarching aim is to provide a varied, fulfilling service to the people KPFA supports.

Old Monastery

The Old Monastery is the Association’s Central Administration Building. It is located close to Killarney town centre and next door to the iconic St. Mary's Cathedral. The ground floor of the building and two rooms upstairs provide a varied day service programme for a large group of people (using amenities in the town and its environs) . The staff at this Centre design and implement a range of training programmes appropriate to people's needs, ie. art & craft, catering, household and community integration skills. People supported by KPFA are given opportunities to develop greater awareness about crime and personal safety, road safety and self-advocacy among a wide range of extra courses offered.

Park Court

The Community Programme (CP) in Park Court provides opportunities to those supported to develop skills in a number of areas, including independent living, personal safety, community integration, interpersonal skills, and exploring employment. Trainees also learn about money management, budgeting and using the ATM. The Park Court Community Programme works in conjunction with KPFA Job Coaches, Nala and local businesses in Killarney to develop IT skills, and expand on work experience placement options locally.

Áras Phádraig

The Aras Phádraig Centre is a day service community programme which is open five days a week (Monday to Friday). This KPFA Killarney-based Community Programme caters for up to 23 adults, most of whom live at home with their families. The group have local access to shops, leisure centres, hotels, hairdressers, bus and train stations and other facilities nearby and are also fortunate to be close to the library, post office, banks, churches, parish hall and community adult education facilities. The building has a parking area, kitchen, laundry facilities, shower and toilets, large dining area, tv/relaxation room and a computer/training room. A staggered and varied timetable includes employment opportunities, volunteering slots, many leisure activities and classroom based training courses.

Killarney Day Services:

Gate Lodge

Gate Lodge is an old lodge situated at the entrance to Cathedral Walk, off the New Road in Killarney. It was offered by the Diocese of Kerry to Kerry Parents & Friends Association for use as a Day / Training Centre for people with intellectual disability. It is a beautifully renovated building, centrally located in Killarney town, next to Killarney’s National Park. One to one individual support is offered in the Gate Lodge and opportunities to access local amenities is encouraged.

Killarney Community Residences

Kerry Parents & Friends operates four community residences in and around Killarney Town. All of our houses are staffed seven days per week and those living there are supported to live their lives actively or quietly in their community, depending on their own preferences.

Cherry Lodge

Cherry Lodge is a 5 bedroom, single storey bungalow situated 3km from Killarney town on Mill Road. It is very close to the Gleneagle Hotel and INEC Conference and Entertainment Centre which is easily accessible for shows and concerts. Three people currently live in the house and attend at the Old Monastery for their day service. They pursue their chosen leisure activities supported by two staff on duty at all times.


Hawthorn is a single storey bungalow 4km from Killarney town in Inchicullane, Kilcummin. It is home to two people who have subdivided the house into two living areas so that their personal space and privacy is maintained. They also get together for a chat and for meals if they so wish. Living as independently as possible is supported in Hawthorn and the residents decide their own activities each day.

Lohan Lodge

Lohan Lodge is a single storey bungalow situated 8km from Killarney town. It has six bedrooms one of which is a staff room/office with en-suite facilities. All bedrooms in this house have en-suite facilities. Five people live in Lohan Lodge. They enjoy all aspects of community living and pursue their own leisure activities as desired.

Killarney Community Residences: