Listowel Day Services

Listowel Day Centre

Listowel Day, Training and Activation Centre is a purpose built Centre with spacious rooms, recreation areas and grounds. It receives referrals through the HSE for people from North Kerry, but chiefly from the Nano Nagle Special School in Listowel. Individual training and employment programmes are developed for those attending this Centre, including various art, craft and design courses, horticulture and catering skills. The centre is situated close to the town centre and this amenity is utilised to the fullest in social training, work placements and community integration of varying degrees.

Community Program

Listowel’s Community and Training Programme is framed around further education, training and improving employment opportunities. It is developed from an individual perspective to provide a personalised training programme around a broad range of learning modules. Renua’s training programme is committed to building on each person’s existing skills, abilities and talents to provide realistic and attainable learning outcomes for each person to enable him/her to fully participate in contemporary society. The programme is designed around improving quality of life issues and providing people we support with the skills they require to lead an ordinary adult life. Values of the Training Programme • A belief in the capacity of individuals with intellectual disability • A respect for the contributions of individuals with intellectual disability • A belief in equality of opportunity for individuals with intellectual disability

Baile O' Dubhda

Baile O’ Dubhda is a community based programme in Listowel that offers support to thirteen people. This service supports people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their full potential to live their lives as independently as possible. This is achieved through a wide variety of educational, social and supported employment activities based in Listowel and beyond. Our aim is to provide creative solutions and ongoing training to those we support, ensuring we all have lots of fun on our journey together.

Hub No. 21

2021 welcomed a new and exciting extension to Listowel Day Services in what has fondly become known as Hub No. 21. Located in the heart of Listowel town, Hub No. 21 enjoys envious views of ‘The Island’ Racecourse to the rear and has added to the charm of Convent St. with its friendly neighbours and local businesses on the door step. What do people attending Hub No. 21 have to say? “there is peace and quiet here”, I like going out independently”, “I am happy here”,”this place is handy” and “I’m going out for coffee!” This day service is vital to the lives of those supported in Listowel. They are enjoying their learning and leading independence.

Listowel Community Residences

The Haven

The Haven is a two storey building, situated 1.5km from Listowel town centre, in Cahirdown, on the Tarbert Road. It opened in 2004 and consists of seven bedrooms in total, all ensuite. Four people live in the Haven currently and one bedroom is being used for respite. This house offers a form of pre-retirement for residents. They have a slower pace of life and enjoy a more sedentary lifestyle though they also enjoy the short trip into town with family and meeting friends in the local hotel and cafés. This group have learned a lot about connecting to family and friends online and enjoy these new experiences.


Hillview is a six bedroom bungalow, situated just five minutes from Listowel town in quiet cul-de-sac in Woodford. Five men from the surrounding areas live in Hillview. They enjoy an active lifestyle and are rarely at home, especially in the summer months. Their days are also varied from working in the stall at the farmer’s market, to working in the local cash and carry and tea shop. They also like to get involved in art projects and music and drama, depending on the mood at the time.

Listowel Respite Services

Brook Lodge

Brook Lodge is a single story bungalow situated in a quiet four house cul de sac situated at the Six Crosses, approximately 4 km from Listowel town. Brook Lodge was opened in 2009. It has four bedrooms, three respite bedrooms and a staff bedroom. The three respite bedrooms are decorated with each person’s personal bedding and blankets during their stay. In 2021, this house was renovated to include an extra bedroom upstairs. The provision of respite beds in the community is absolutely essential for supporting families.

Cois Na Féile

Cois na Féile is a large single story bungalow situated off a quiet, private road which serves a number of other private residences. It is approximately 6 km from Listowel town. Cois na Féile opened in March 2018. It has five bedrooms, four respite bedrooms and a staff bedroom. The house has capacity to provide 7 days respite including planned and emergency respite. This is a regional respite service for Co. Kerry and referrals are agreed with HSE. This service has been a proven lifeline to people of Kerry.

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